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Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for ...

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The Right Weaponized Social Justice Rules Against the Left
James Gunn was fired based on rules created by the far left. The right, like Mike Cernovich, is wielding moral outrage mobs against the establishment and many ...
youtu.be/mmELazDBYCc14 hours ago
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The Far-left Advocates Censorship Up Until They get Censored
A left wing youtuber who has advocated for banning hate speech as found his criticism of Lauren Southern placed in "limited state" by youtube effectively ...
youtu.be/jOcuDJajJ181 day ago
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The Young Turks Are Being Sued For Being Racist
Download Newsvoice for free: https://newsvoice.com/app/tim The Young Turks are facing more accusations of racism, this time from a former employee who ...
youtu.be/Ay7tndzGGZY2 days ago
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A Secret Plot By Democrats To Stop Ocasio-Cortez?
Download Newsvoice for free: https://newsvoice.com/app/tim Ocasio-Cortez is accusing incumbent Joe Crowley of planning a third party campaign against her ...
youtu.be/w9BqzJJT1nQ3 days ago
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Trump Supporting Group Called Hate Group, Booted from Bar
Download Newsvoice for free: https://newsvoice.com/app/tim A group of Trump Supporters called the Proud boys, a self described "Western Chauvinist" group, ...
youtu.be/oJKlI-wk1Og4 days ago
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Protesters were WRONG, Black Man Killed WAS Armed
Download Newsvoice for free: https://newsvoice.com/app/tim Protesters in Chicago accused police of lying and once again taking the life of an innocent ...
youtu.be/SGAdzX3qb8k5 days ago
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Using Title IX to End Sexist Women Only "Diversity" Programs
Download Newsvoice for free: https://newsvoice.com/app/tim Professor Mark J. Perry has filed a complaint against sexist women only "diversity" programs and ...
youtu.be/UgPICri5-5Q6 days ago
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London Supports Free Speech When It Mocks Trump
Londons Mayor said he wouldnt limit free speech if it could hurt feelings yet has a history of calling for limited speech due to hurt feelings. London has launched ...
youtu.be/tJRGPagk5-w1 week ago
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Execs Fired For Just Describing Racism, Is This Too Far?
Papa John has resigned from various positions because in a conference call he criticized racism and said the n word. Even Forbes states that this was an ...
youtu.be/UCxhq0cwBuA1 week ago
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College Backlash Over Controversial Speakers /ft Zach Wood
Today we sit down with Zach R. Wood who has spoken on teh TED stage about the importance of defending free speech even for people you think are ...
youtu.be/tmbBQzIMQCA1 week ago
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New Federal "Unmasking" Law Targets Antifa
A new bill proposed in the House called "unmasking Antifa" seeks to make it illegal to disguise yourself while depriving someone of their rights. Even though this ...
youtu.be/s2zwHNAgvL41 week ago
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Why News Sites Propagate Angry Feminism
News Companies know that women share more content than men, use social media more, and that people are primarily motivated to share if something makes ...
youtu.be/Z6UchS1IPI81 week ago
Preview Image
How Journalists Conspire to Push Political Agendas
Journalists have been caught conspiring to push political agendas in the past. Today we look at the "journolist" the "cabalist" and new evidence that the group of ...
youtu.be/JiE6gI0fYuA1 week ago
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Social Justice Media Companies Are Falling Apart
Social Justice Media Companies are failing. Univision has been buying out staffers and laying people off for a while now. Recent reporting from the Wall Street ...
youtu.be/rqYxefOPeeY1 week ago
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Justin Trudeau Accused of Sexual Assault Fails Purity Test
Justin Trudeau was accused of sexual assault stemming back from a story published nearly 20 years ago. He at first denied the allegations but then stated that ...
youtu.be/PyfFxUVbe8o2 weeks ago
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Buzzfeed Defends False Rape Accusers
Buzzfeed has run two stories seemingly defending women who falsely accuse men of rape even when there is clear evidence the accusation was false.
youtu.be/W41vbBvtRt02 weeks ago
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Teens Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat / Is This a Trend?
Teens eating at a burger joint got attacked by a man because they had a MAGA hat and supported Donald Trump. The man took the hat, splashed the kid with a ...
youtu.be/n7_amNq2erU2 weeks ago
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Why The Future Will Be Conservative
Protect yourself online with VirtualShield at http://virtualshield.com/deals/timcast Trump has a good a chance to win in 2020 and if he does he has the chance to ...
youtu.be/rlceDW9CYlw2 weeks ago
Preview Image
Why Liberals #WalkAway From The Democratic Party
Protect yourself online with VirtualShield at http://virtualshield.com/deals/timcast A viral campaign called #walkaway has people all over social media talking ...
youtu.be/kQ5GE0iDI982 weeks ago
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Live News Show - The Left Is Eating Itself
Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/timcast Timcast News Channel - Youtube.com/Timcastnews Subscribe for news segments everyday starting at 6pm ...
youtu.be/ZxivhLp20fY2 weeks ago

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