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This website's primary purpose, is to serve a free and open platform for sharing and debating subjects, topics and content, that are being unjustly restricted by the mainstream alternatives.

Furthermore, this is not a commercial service, rather a non-profit project that does not seek to offer yet another, advertisement platform or "Big Tech".

As such, this website and project is maintained by a very small team of volunteers, we do not employ anyone and are not a registered for-profit company.

Our overheads and costs are very low, and will scale with our user-base. If people like the platform, they are welcome to support it in any way they choose. We may in the future, reward people with some form of cosmetic icon or badge to show others of their contributions, if this were to become amicable with the community, to be announced at a future date.

Increasingly, mainstream social platforms are restricting the free speech of its users, in a covert and alarming fashion.

Shadow-banning, content burying and generally manipulating the algorithm to benefit only a selective ideology, while persecuted content creators in to non-viewership at their detriment, is, we believe, appalling and reprehensible.

We therefore, will not change our algorithm to benefit one user over another in an unfair way, anything popular or trending on our site, should be so, because it has earned its place naturally and organically, and not paid positions and administrative tampering of priority and the view-ability of user's content.

Furthermore, we run two complete social networks in one. This is aimed to suit the desires of various kinds of users, and is outlined in more detail below.

The mainstream platforms have an overwhelming number of fake accounts, accounts with fake names, and outright robot controlled accounts. We believe this is down to a large percentage of users, not wishing to engage with the internet on a completely personal level, and rightfully so in many instances.

Imagine going to Speaker's Corner in Great Britain, and having to create an account at the gates, whereby you are told the kinds of things you are and aren't allowed to speak about once you enter, under threat of your complete removal should you dare speak, or even think the wrong thing! Speakers Corner would be a very quiet place indeed. This is exactly what the mainstream platforms - commonly known as "Big Tech" - do to you, each and every user.

If you are on the side of agreement, as in - happy to go along with the outlined mandatory speech restrictions - you will find this system to your favor... however, if you are opposed to it?

All this being said, we believe that some people feel unable to express their views and opinions freely, especially knowing that their words online, can and will be used against them to their detriment, in their daily personal lives offline.

A severe backlash in personal and professional lives for a user's online interactions, is increasingly becoming a norm in our societies, and we believe this too is utterly reprehensible.

So, after many long nights of deliberation - we decided that enough was enough, and the project was conceived.

As mentioned above, we run a two-tiered network. Please allow us to explain how it works in further detail.

Our primary network is accessible from https://tubefrog.com - this network requires an account to fully interact with, however, said account does not need true or accurate information, it will not be used to collect and sell data for profit and only requires a working email address for validation and notifications as required.

The purpose of an account on our platform, is to ensure our system works as intended, and to ensure that a human has created it (email verification). As such, we do not need accurate information!

The purpose of an account on the mainstream platforms however, is to ensure that advertisers who pay them money, can market to people with more accuracy. As such, they need more and more personal information, they really want to know you personally, because then they can accurately market to you, and this creates value for their clients in their advertising service.

As we do not cater for businesses trying to advertise to potential customers - we do not face these same problems.

In reality, if we have 1000 users, and 1% of those users donated $1 of their money, we could cover the server costs for a month. Hosting a large network of mainly text-based content, does not cost nearly as much as hosting video streaming, and so we do not host videos, we simply embed them.

The world does not need another advertising and marketing business, masquerading as a social platform, we will not become one.

On our primary network, users can interact with each other in the ways we've become accustomed to, groups and pages (spaces) can be made, friends can be chosen, following, rating and sharing can all occur as it would on the mainstream alternatives. The primary difference we can offer between this network and the mainstream - there is no censorship be it covert or overt of user's content, unless it is required of us as the host, by U.S Law - i.e incitement to violence, indecent images, etc.

The responsibility of user's content, lays directly upon the user, as we are not providing a censorship service, we take no responsibility for the user content created, and will only act to remove content if we are required by Law.

This being said, if a user's content does breach U.S Law, we will fully support inquiries by any Law Enforcement Agency that requires this of us, as we do not accept any liability for content created by users of this site.

Please feel free to use the report content buttons if you notice content that matches this criteria.

We also host a completely anonymous platform, accessible from https://anon.tubefrog.com/ - users can interact with content without any form of account, posting new content, commenting and rating systems are all implemented for those that would simply not bother being logged in, if they were not forced to do so.

The Terms of Service are as follows but may be subject to change:

1) Do not take offence - if you cannot use this website without taking offence, do not use this website in its entirety.

2) Do not break laws - anything that could be considered as illegal in the U.S.A, will be removed from the website.

3) You are responsible for your content, we will only remove your content if obligated to do so under U.S Law, to avoid our own liability.

This website is hosted in the U.S.A, as such, it is subject to the applicable laws and jurisdiction.

If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, please leave and do not use this website.

To everyone else... welcome!


https://tubefrog.com/ - Main Network

https://anon.tubefrog.com/ - Anonymous Network

https://api.tubefrog.com/ - YouTube API Integration

https://pol.tubefrog.com/ - Our Political Compass Test

https://twitter.tubefrog.com/ - @Tube_Frog embedded.

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