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EONS Mainland - Starting Guide & Information

Post by John » Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:38 pm

Hi all,

If you need some assistance in getting to know the game, I've outlined some of the easiest routes in this guide.
This is by no means comprehensive - there is multiple ways to do it, this is just the most obvious method!
Please feel free to correct me or add your own better ways in the comments.

Also, please note that Fishing / Mining / Woodcutting are valid alternatives to this guide, for those just wishing to stand about and chat - this might be for you!

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The primary resource harvested via Fishing / Mining / Woodcutting, can be exchanged at the Job Boards in The Port, for EXP and Copper Coins, further, as you increase your Fishing / Mining / Woodcutting level, you will generate greater profit, faster, and gain access to upper tier resource loot (0-200 a new tier every 5 levels). It is also possible to exchange Coins for EXP in The Square, or level / gear up without taking any of the steps in this guide.

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Alternatively, if you have a friend or a Guild willing to support your leveling, you could get boosted this way.

Alternatively, if you accept all the Job Boards located in The Square, you can complete these all by joining a group for The Devilgate - and simply staying alive / keeping your distance till the end (you would also gain a big lump of money, and access to plenty drops this way).

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Alternatively, you can, at around level 10 - 15, acquire a very basic follower - which after a few levels - could level you and it, for you - though doing this would be recommended with a more advanced pet, as leveling up the basic pets is relatively pointless compared with leveling up a rare pet.

With all that said, let's continue with the straight forward guide.

Level 0 - 10 (Port + The Floodlands + Karsag Wilds)

Upon entering the game-world, speak with The Dockmaster and gain a level up!
Next, speak with The Freelancer and accept his first contract (collect apples).

The Freelancer itself, is a guide style quest-line. It will provide you with a quest to complete, and further provide you an additional reward for completing it. The Freelancer quest-line has 15 stages, getting harder as you progress, and provides large amounts of EXP, coins and a special reward for those that complete it.

Upon accepting the contract to collect apples, head over towards the wooden house and click on the Job Boards next to it.
Accept the Job: Harvest Apples, then proceed to attack the nearby apple bushes to collect them.

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Collect 100+ apples, then hand in the Job Board, and return to The Freelancer for your next contract.

The Freelancer will now task you to assist the NPC "Layla" - she requires you to kill 20 Butterflies, on The Floodlands map.

Before you leave on this quest however, head inside the wooden house and talk with the Class Master.

The Class Master will help you choose a class, you can only make this decision once per character, so read the information and choose wisely.

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Some rough information about the classes as follows:

Crusader / Guardian - Tank class, primary stats Str and Con. Gains progressively stronger buff spells, that increase a players Str / Con. For this reason, the Crusader / Guardian buffs are useful for any class, as Con increases HP, whereas STR only increases damage for Crusader's / Guardian's.

Rogue / Shadow - Ranged class, primary stats Agi and Cha. Gains progressively stronger buff spells, that increase a players Agi / Cha. For this reason the Rogue / Shadow buffs are only a benefit to other Rogues / Shadows. Rogues / Shadows are able to equip Ranged type weapons.

Magus / Wizard - Spellcaster class, primary stats Int and Wis. Gains multiple damage and healing spells, including powerful group heals. For this reason, Magus / Wizard's are handy to have in a group, and have large AOE type spells.

Once you have selected a class to play as, speak with The Battlemaster NPC, and purchase some better equipment - buy a couple pieces at this stage, perhaps a new weapon and armour.

Take note, the majority of weapons require the correct class to equip them - these can be viewed on the item, by their stamp [R] / [S] = Rogue and Shadow, [C] / [G] = Crusader and Guardian, [M] / [W] = Magus and Wizard.

The majority of weapons may also require sufficient level to equip them, this will also be stamped to the item.

Further, any weapon with an [E] stamp - indicates that this weapon has an Enchantment, also known as AOE - this weapon will thus cast spells while you attack with it.

Ranged weapons with an Enchantment on them, act a little differently, the spell is cast from where the projectile hits, instead of around you. Ranged AOE also has 1x1 less range than standard AOE, and acts sort of like a cone in-front of you, rather than all around.

At this stage, it might be prudent to head to the Home map, by typing /warp home in to your chat.

ENDL008.jpg (110.21 KiB) Viewed 262 times

On this map, you can note two buildings. The left side building sells Potions and the initial Enchanted Accessories, these can be upgraded through crafting chains as you progress in levels and areas, so would be worth coming back for when you can afford them.

The right side building sells hats and boots, these too are worth coming back for when you can afford them, as they have better stats on them than the versions sold from The Battlemaster.

At this stage however, it would be advisable to spend any remaining Copper Coins that you have, on Lesser HP potions from the shop.

If you are unsure on which item is better, you can use the player command /item.

To do this, let's say you want to look up the stats of Battlemaster Robes, you could type in to chat /item Battlemaster Robes.

To familiarise your self with the player commands, please type /commands in to your chat, likewise, the player warps with /warps.

Now that you are ready for your quest, head back to /warp port, then enter the first Purple Portal - to The Floodlands.

ENDL009.jpg (103.71 KiB) Viewed 262 times

Defeat 20 Butterflies, then return to Layla for your rewards.

Once you have spoken to Layla, head back to The Freelancer NPC, and get your bonus, then accept the next contract.

At this stage, it would be advised to pick up all of the NPC's quests from this map, as they can all be completed on The Floodlands (first Purple Portal), and The Karsag Wilds (second Purple Portal) maps.

Spend some time completing these quests, upgrading your gear and following The Freelancer quest-line.

Quest locations -
Butterflies: The Floodlands (where the portal takes you, watch out for the snakes).
Missing Chest: The Floodlands (spawns in the NE corner of the map but wanders around).
Imps: Karsag Wilds (all over the lower portion of the map).
Trismegistus: Karsag Wilds (somewhere in the lower portion of the map).
Siren: Karsag Wilds (somewhere in the lower portion of the map).
Ants: Karsag Wilds (upper portion of the map).

After completing these initial quests, you will be directed to assist the "Worried Girl" by The Freelancer, and you should be approximately level 10.

Level 10 - 20 (Port + Mount Aeeria + Aeeria Crypts)

To locate The Worried Girl, type /warp square in to your chat, then head East passed the pool till you see an NPC standing by an entrance to another map.

ENDL012.jpg (97.68 KiB) Viewed 262 times

It would be a good idea to accept all the Job Boards located at /warp square, these can all be completed in one successful run of The Devilgate boss encounter, which may start while you are out questing.

The Worried Girl requires you to defeat 20 Flowies, do this for her and then return to The Freelancer for your next contract.

While on the map at the bottom of Mount Aeeria, take note of the Craft NPC - you can craft a non level / class restricted weapon here, which is equivalent to about level 35 and has AOE. If you are however above this level, you may disregard this weapon and get something better from a Boss drop, or in the Aeeria Armory (orange roofed building down from The Square).

ENDL013.jpg (96.14 KiB) Viewed 262 times

You now have a list of potential avenues for progression, each has their merits and reasons, I will highlight a few and leave the rest up to you!

Craft Upgraded Accessories -
Buy purchasing a set of Enchanted Accessories from the shop on Home map - you can upgrade these multiple times throughout your travels. The first place to take these and upgrade them, is the craft NPC at the bottom of Mount Aeeria, however I will leave the rest of the locations to your exploration.

Upgrade your Class -
At level 20 or above, you can complete the Class Trials quest-line, this will permit access to a special NPC arena, and upon completion - will upgrade your class to a stronger form - whereby you will gain 1-1 damage per 2 stats, rather than per 3. This also permits access to upgraded class spells and equipment.

Compete in the Aeeria Tournament -
This scripted NPC battle rewards 25 Champion Seals + drops each run, which can be spent on a basic follower, potions, upgrade crafts and are needed, but not consumed by the Class Upgrade (250 needed).

Become an Alcoholic Gambler -
Just buy a bunch of fairy soda from the tavern, then spend your time gambling at the betting boxes up from The Square! Simply face one and type /insert (amount) - I.e /insert 100 for a 50% chance for double or nothing.

Become a Bounty Hunter -
Have people use the /bounty command on players they wish to see dispatched, then lure them in to the PK area to collect their bounties! Just for lul's.

Become a Professional Freelancer -
Keep on following The Freelancer (15 stages) and unlock its reward / achievement. This should guide you around the world till about level 100 or so.

Become a Travelling Musician -
Buy an Instrument from the roof above The Square, then play awesome music for people, essentially E-Busking.

Be a Boss Farmer -
Just hang out at The Boss Challenge map, spawn the bosses you need for money, then hand in the quests - rinse and repeat.

Become a Professional Harvester -
There is pretty good money, exp and loot - in simply leveling up Fishing / Mining / Woodcutting to a high level (max 200). Chat while you whack (or watch some TV lol). Some of our highest level players have taken this route for a time.

Become a Recycler -
One man's junk is another man's profit! Get a basic follower and use it to store any drops that you come across, take them to the shops and sell them for profit!

Once you have gained levels and gears in your exploration - there are some more options open to you.

Take on the Heroes Call War Games -
Large amounts of rewards and experience can be obtained from HC, it requires level 100 and a group to start it, but it is worth it!

Take on the Royal Tournament -
Even greater spoils await the victors of the Royal Tourney, be prepared to be killed if you are not high enough level and gear for it though! Requires Reborn 1 and a group to start it.

Clear all 45 waves of Devilgate -
Take on the best the server can throw at you, more loot than you can hold!

Complete all Crafting Chains -
Finish off all the upgrades for your equipment, all the way to Reborn 5.

Take on Mechanix -
Recommended for Reborn 5 - 15, the area is full of deadly robots, waiting to kill you. It is also the only source of Elemental Alloy, a component needed in crafting / upgrading Robot Followers.

Craft a Jeeves Mach 4 -
This follower is very powerful, if you are considering leveling up a follower for the long run, don't waste your time on lesser specimens!

Hang out / socialise / chat / do the usual EO stuff!

There is many places to explore and quests to be done, but this guide outlines some of the mechanics.

Hope it helps!

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