Reborn 5 Auras

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Reborn 5 Auras

Post by John » Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:22 am

Hi all, I've added Aura Effects to each of the 12 male/female combinations of Reborn 5 Armours - these will display instead of a Charm if you have one on too.

Some of these effects still had their sound effects enabled, and so will make noise when it shows.
The new client will have these now disabled, but to save you downloading the whole client again, simply delete the contents of your clients SFX folder, and replace in to it these SFX files.

SFX -!5AMURTIA!dHC48a1mAErA ... eH-wks561c

Alternatively, you can simply open your clients SFX folder, and rename the following files to - disabled.

For example, sfx076 will be renamed to sfx076 - disabled.


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