TubeFrog 5.0.2

The TubeFrog Project started life as a YouTube Crawler / Robot programmed in PHP, that spent its time indexing YouTube Channels by their category, creating a comprehensive catalogue of YouTube Channels - a directory organised alphabetically and by type, rather than the closed methods employed by YouTube's algorithm.

Far greater functionality has since been added to the system. We have added a Community Subscriptions System, whereby a user may submit any YouTube Channel to the Manual Index - essentially adding it to the crawl list to be featured on the homepage! TubeFrog crawls these channels regularly, featuring the latest content to the homepage video feed, or if the channels have a live stream in progress, these are added to the Live Stream Tab.

The Live Stream Tab features user streams at the top of the list, then provides the top streams by category as provided by YouTube. TubeFrog employs a clean, unbiased and open algorithm. One of its perks is users know exactly how the system works, knowing that if they upload new content to YouTube, and they have added their channel to our system, that their content will be featured fair and equally from one user to the next, without special treatment or lack thereof.

Join our friendly Community Forums, Discord Server, or come join us on our free to play, 2D (Glorified Chat Room) MMORPG! We also provide several Access Points! By appending a YouTube Channel ID to our links, TubeFrog will generate an embeddable profile page for your channel, or generate a YouTube Channel Signature - your channel information and stats on an image!

Just looking for something to kill some time? Try your luck with our Live Stream Roulette system! It will load 4 random live streams and some music, you never know what you will find! These streams are also added to our Live Streams Feed.

TubeFrog also calculates a YouTube Channel's Creator Level, by tallying and applying a calculation on the channel's statistics as provided by YouTube. No sign up required, just a YouTube Channel ID and TubeFrog will do the rest!

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